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Benefits of being a Resourcing Consultant prior to becoming a Recruitment Consultant

by Sara Robinson | 1 March 2018

Starting a career in recruitment can be an extremely daunting prospect but one of the things that made a huge difference to me and my confidence was starting out as a Resourcing Consultant in the legal team at Sellick Partnership. I joined the team as a Resourcing Consultant in September 2017, and have recently made the transition into a Consultant role. 

Understanding your candidates
Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months as a Recruitment Consultant, my time as a Resourcing Consultant gave me an in-depth understanding of the recruitment cycle. Speaking solely to candidates allowed me to understand the recruitment process from their point of view and in particular what things were most important to them such as flexible working, length of assignment and location. This can be really useful once you move into a Recruitment consultant role as you are in a stronger position to justify requirements such as rates or flexibility to a client because you understand the importance of this to the candidate.

Clients don’t always come first  
This may sound surprising, but without your candidates you do not have any clients. What I have found most valuable in terms of solely speaking to candidates is how important it is to regularly keep in contact and keep them updated. Keeping in touch not only puts them at ease but it also builds rapport, meaning that candidates are much more likely to keep you updated on their situation and speak openly and honestly with you. For example, letting candidates know you haven’t been able to get hold of a client for feedback on their CV even if you don’t have a specific update can make all the difference! When stepping into a Recruitment Consultant role, there is a huge focus on your clients and how important they are; it’s easy to forget the importance of candidates. 

You know your patch before you have one
As a Recruitment consultant, the first job you have to work yourself is overwhelming, you barely know the client, the position they need to fill, what their usual process is and least of all who you would have that is suitable to fill it. However, starting off as a Resourcing Consultant gives you the opportunity to get to know your patch before you even have one. You spend the majority of your day sourcing new candidates and speaking to existing ones. You learn where they’ve been, where they’d like to go and where they wouldn’t go again. Therefore when you work on your first requirement you are in a strong position to be able to present the client with a shortlist of candidates that you have spent several months getting to know. 

You know your sector 
Last but definitely not least you get an in-depth understanding of the sector you are recruiting for.  Having little experience in the legal sector, I was a little overwhelmed at whether I would understand what was going on around me. Working as a Resourcing Consultant allows you to build up a great knowledge of your sector, for example when you are recruiting for legal there are so many different areas of law and legal qualifications. Speaking to candidates allows you to ask as many questions as you like, your job is to interview every candidate that you speak to. You can ask them about what they’ve been doing, how they’ve been doing it and why it is important without feeling stupid and gradually building your understanding. 

Your job as a Resourcing Consultant is to understand a candidates experience and inform them about roles most suited to them. The easiest way to do that is to ask the questions. Whilst my role as a Resourcing Consultant is focused on listening to clients and candidates, my time as a Resourcing Consultant has taught me the importance of candidate relationships, taking the time to understand, and the importance of keeping people updated. This has really given me a good grounding for my role as a Recruitment Consultant.  

To read more content from my colleagues at Sellick Partnership you can check out our insights page using the link below. Alternatively if you want to know more about the roles I have available, or the recruitment service I can offer you can contact me by emailing sara.robinson@sellickpartnership.co.uk.