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Benefits of awards and accreditations

by Anna Williamson | 30 April 2018

Last week (Thursday 26 April 2018) we were lucky enough to be ranked as one of the Best Workplaces™ in the UK by Great Place to Work® for the third time, and we also found out that we have achieved Investors in People Gold status, two accolades we are extremely proud of. Both of these awards demonstrate the commitment we have to our staff, and the work each and every one of our employees puts in to ensure we have the unique and inclusive culture we strive for every day.

However, winning an award is not just about displaying a fancy trophy in your office for all to see, they can offer so much more. At Sellick Partnership we genuinely believe that entering awards and achieving prestigious accolades like these have tangible benefits that we can continue to enjoy long after the awards are handed out. 

Here are my thoughts on what benefits winning an award can bring to any business. 

1. Recruiting new employees
Awards are a great tool for internal recruitment – our awards and accreditations are always something candidates mention when they interview internally at Sellick Partnership. They are not only a great talking point, but they also act as a measure of success that many prospective employees will look at.  

As well as acting as an attraction tool, awards are a great way of differentiating your business from your direct competition. In particular awards that audit us internally such as Great Place to Work® and Investors in People, which focus on how well we look after our people.

2. Retaining existing employees
Awards and accreditations can also be a great way of boosting morale in the workplace. They recognise the hard work and determination of your workforce and can give your employees something to shout about and proud to be a part of.

Awards are a great way of rewarding high performing employees for going above and beyond. Staff could be invited to the awards ceremony, or you could host a special event to celebrate success for the business, which can help increase morale long-term.

3. Improves employer brand and raises our corporate profile
One of the biggest benefits of winning an award is the brand awareness you can gain from it Not only does it give you a number of PR and content opportunities, but it also raises your profile in your specialist sectors and again helps to differentiate you from your competitors. I would advise any business to ensure they maximise this aspect of winning, or even entering an award. Ensure your employees are talking about it, and promote it externally so that your customer base are aware. This will greatly increase your profile, and could increase profitability longer-term. 

It is also important to remember that even being shortlisted for an award is an incredible achievement. This should be promoted and celebrate also to ensure maximum return on investment and exposure. 

4. Improves customer loyalty
Winning awards and achieving high profile accreditations are a great way of improving customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business. Customers want to work with organisations they can trust, and if you have awards and accreditations that show your business in a positive light they are usually more likely to consider using your services. 

5. Benchmarking against competitors
Winning or even simply entering your business for an award is a great way of benchmarking your organisation against your key competitors. Award entries make you analyse every aspect of your business – from growth and turnover to employee benefits and CSR activities. Auditing yourself in this way makes you consider factors you may not normally consider. This then allows you to think about how you could do things differently, or what may need to be improved in your business. This exercise can also give you ideas for the future and something for your business to strive for. 

6. Networking opportunities
Awards and accreditations can also be used to network within your market, ensuring you maximise every aspect of the awards process. At awards ceremonies – particularly industry specific awards, you will be mingling with your target audience giving you a great opportunity to meet potential clients and customers. Ensure you speak about the awards you are up for, and ensure you portray your business in a positive light to everyone you meet. You never know what might come of it in the future. 

If you have any further benefits winning an award can bring please feel free email me on anna.williamson@sellickpartnership.co.uk. Alternatively for more information on the awards and accreditations Sellick Partnership currently holds please follow the below link.