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Catching-up with the past winners of the DTBA Not-for-Profit Organisation Award!

by Sellick Partnership | 6 June 2018

Success can be easily quantified if you work within a commercial company. This can be achieved by reviewing the financial performance and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Similarly not-for-profit organisations also measure success by looking at qualitative and quantitative measurements including funds raised, customer satisfaction, number of volunteers etc., however being recognised and rewarded for working within the not-for-profit sector isn’t always as simple. Employees working in a for-profit business may receive recognition and incentives like monetary rewards, internal events, or a bonus, whereby not-for-profit organisations do not have huge budgets so they may not always receive this recognition due to the nature of the work they carry out. 

We therefore firmly believe that the Derby Telegraph Business Awards, Not-for-Profit Organisation Award provides these organisations with the recognition that they deserve which is why we have sponsored the award for four consecutive years.

On the run up to the awards, we wanted to reflect on the previous year’s winners of the Not-for-Profit Organisation Award to find out how they have continued with their tireless efforts and commitment towards the charity or organisation that they work for and to see how winning the award has benefited them. Whilst it’s a huge privilege to attend the awards evening and hear the winners names announced, we never see what happens after the awards which is why we caught up with previous winners including Women’s Work (2017 winner), Safe & Sound Group (2016 winner) and me&dee (2015 winner). 

Women’s Work

Women’s Work help vulnerable and disadvantaged women and assist them in improving their health and well being. They informed us that winning the award boosted their profile and they’ve observed a higher volume of calls being made to them, which means they were able to help more women. Winning the award also meant they were appreciated for their work.

Diane Whitehead, Development Manager, from Women’s Work said “Women’s Work (Derbyshire) Ltd was delighted to receive the award as it represents public recognition of our successes and raises the profile of the charity with a broader audience.  

"Our CEO was approached by other organisations on the evening and there was a noticeable increase in telephone calls asking for information or offering support immediately after the article in the paper. 

“The acknowledgement of our success, both on our website and as part of our email footer, has a positive impact both with recipients and with staff who are proud to display evidence of our achievements. Peer recognition from other not-for-profit organisations reassures staff that their work is not taken for granted and is instrumental in fostering motivation and loyalty. Opportunities for celebration are limited in the environment in which we work and as such are very powerful when they occur. Success stories generate feelings of well-being and give incentive to staff who are often faced with difficult and negative scenarios.  

“The not-for-profit sector carries out amazing work but it is largely unrecognised. The Derby Telegraph Award brings the silent heroes out of the shadows and into the limelight.”

Safe & Sound Group

Safe & Sound Group won the award in 2016 and work to keep children and young people safe from sexual exploitation. Like Women’s Work, Safe and Sound Group have said that the award has increased awareness of the charity and the work they carry out.

Rhiannon Hulse, Marketing and Development Manager, from Safe & Sound Group said “We have worked on a number of high profile cases across the city and county over the years that some may have read about in the Derby Telegraph. However, we have not always had a high profile amongst the business community or with the public, possibly due to the sensitive nature of the work we do and the misconceptions that still exist about young people that are affected. ANY young person can become a victim. 

“The award helped us to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and exploitation and encourage support for our work with the local business community. Without this support, we wouldn’t be able to continue to help as many young people – those at risk and those who have already become victims.

“Following the awards, we have gained support from businesses who may not have previously heard of us, with local businesses offering in-kind support or through organising fundraising activities. Local accountancy firm Dains have recently named us as their charity of the year, and as a small local charity, we are always looking for businesses to partner with in this way.”


me&dee won the award in 2015 and since then one of Sellick Partnership’s Directors, Nikki Kinsey, works on the board assisting them with her vast commercial knowledge. We also run a Midlands Charity Football Tournament every year to help raise vital funds for me&dee.

me&dee organises holidays and trips away for individuals with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses. Maria Hanson MBE, founder of me&dee, said “Entering your company into a business awards category can feel quite daunting, but I must emphasise the value of doing so. I entered the awards and achieved finalist status, going on to win the award.

“This afforded great recognition for both the work of our charity, but also that we run a sound and successful business which heads the charity work. From a personal point of view, this is a great accolade and gives new vigour to the work that we do. 

“It is a platform for recognition in the room of hundreds of guests for our charity which provides sea side breaks for when time is very short and precious and for seriously injured service men and women. 

“The coverage and photos featured in the Derby Telegraph were of great benefit to us, again giving us a platform from which to promote ourselves as winners of a prestigious award. We were also able to promote this through other social network avenues. 

“I feel that winning a business award gives credence to what we do, allows us as a charity to be taken seriously within the business sector, and led to invitations to promote our charity further by businesses looking for a local charity to support within their social corporate commitment.”

At Sellick Partnership, we not only help people secure jobs and assist with recruitment needs but we believe in recognising the staff that work within these organisations by sponsoring the Not-for-Profit Organisation Award. We wish all the finalists this year the best of luck and we are looking forward to attending the award ceremony in June. 

If you would like to submit a team into our Midlands Charity Football Tournament taking place on Friday 26 October 2018 hosted at the Powerleague Derby, DE24 8BW contact Nicole Campbell on 0161 804 8398. 

To find out more about the ways that we give back to the community click below. 

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