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How digital has changed applying for jobs

by Sellick Partnership | 18 June 2018

New technology is changing the way we do business every day, and that includes the way we recruit and hire the best people. In the past, it was all about paper CV’s and traditional sit-down interviews. Now job seekers are applying for roles from their phones, connecting with employers over social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, and constantly developing new and innovative ways to secure their dream jobs.

Here are some of our thoughts, and those of our specialist job boards on how digital has changed applying for roles

Reviews in job hunting may become the norm

Employer-review tools like Glassdoor allow candidates to go behind the scene and see what the culture and environments are like at companies. Platforms like this allow ex and current employees to review the organisations, giving prospective candidates a real insight into what the organisation is really like. Platforms like this mean that job seekers can prepare for job-specific interviews and determine whether a company is a good fit before the first interview simply by checking out what other people have said about them. This is a trend we believe will continue to grow, and we expect sites like Glassdoor to become even more popular.

Make applying as easy as possible and accessible for all devices

Job site CV Library believe that job applications need to be simplified, and digital has really helped this happen. Lee Biggins, founder and managing director said “Nowadays, most candidates want to apply for jobs at the click of a button, which means that lengthy application forms no longer cut it. In fact, our research tells us that job hunters will abandon an application entirely if they feel it’s taking too long to complete. What’s more, people tend to search for relevant jobs on their mobile, whilst on the move. Therefore, employers are under pressure to ensure they optimise their pages for mobile and are as engaging as possible.

“Think about the vital information you want to gain from candidates and shape your application page around this. For example, is a long form necessary or will the CV and cover letter suffice? How are you shaping your job descriptions? Are you using bullet points to break up your text? Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and you’ll stand a better chance of attracting the right people to your roles.”

Digital has helped streamline job hunting

GAAPweb believe digital has had a positive impact, and is helping recruiters work more efficiently. They said that “one of the biggest effects of digital recruitment technologies for candidates has been the accessibility of a much wider range of relevant opportunities, and the ease with which they are able to access and apply for them. This creates high levels of competition, meaning recruiters have to work harder to compete for available talent and skills. Fortunately GAAPweb, the UK’s #1 job site for accountancy & finance professionals, helps streamline that process for both recruiters and candidates by capitalising on the wealth of data available and applying those learnings through targeted and personalised digital messaging, both on-site and through email. A data-led, personalised marketing strategy ensures that both candidates and recruiters save time and increase their chances of finding that new role or ideal candidate via GAAPweb.”

The rise in social media

As the go-to professional social network, LinkedIn has played a major role in how we search for jobs and how recruiters find candidates. With a strong profile, you can attract hiring managers and recruiters — bringing jobs straight to your inbox. Using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter allows job seekers to see who they know at each company, and learn about prospective interviewers prior to meeting them — allowing them to vet what the culture and environments are really like.

If you have any further comments on how you think digital has changed applying for roles we would love to hear them! Send your comments across to us at marketing@sellickpartnership.co.uk. Alternatively you can check out more content on the power of digital using the link below.