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We love the NHS because

by Sellick Partnership | 2 July 2018

This week marks 70 years since the NHS was founded at Trafford General Hospital in Manchester. To celebrate we asked our public sector Recruitment Consultants what it is they love about this national institution.  

The NHS saves lives every day - Managing Director Jo Sellick
"I love the NHS because so many people would not be here without it. Each and every one of us will have had some help from the NHS, and will know someone that has been saved as a result of the treatment they offer."

The NHS is principles led - Manager Helen Dodds
"I love the NHS because of the principles it stands for. The founding principle of the NHS was to be free at the point of use, and funded solely by tax. This still stands true today, 70 years after its inception which is an amazing feat for any organisation."

The NHS is the UK’s single largest employer - Associate Director Abigail Day
"I love the NHS because it provides so many people with a long and rewarding career. It is the largest employer in the UK and the fifth largest worldwide, employing over 1.2 million people."

The NHS provides the best specialist care and innovation - Manager Mark Croston
"I love the NHS because of the specialist care everyone receives. The NHS provides some of the highest quality healthcare in the world and has experts that specialise in a variety of fields. Some of the most ground-breaking medical achievements have been achieved by the NHS including the first lung, liver and heart transplant."

The NHS is a national institution - Principal Consultant Stephanie Tasker
"I love the NHS because it is a national institution. The NHS is known worldwide, and is world renowned. People from across the world envy our NHS and we should treasure it each and every day."

These are just some of the reasons why we think the NHS is so important. Please let us know what you think by Tweeting us at @SellickGroup or send an email to marketing@sellickpartnership.co.uk.