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So you are looking to relocate? What next?!

by Catherine Wasilewski | 16 August 2018

Recently, I have worked with and helped secure jobs for a number of candidates who were looking to relocate. A job search can be stressful enough without adding the stress and upheaval of moving somewhere new and perhaps unfamiliar. However, taking certain steps can help towards a smoother transition. Here are my tips to make your relocation as easy as possible.

  1.       Think of the practicalities

The first step should be to think seriously about the logistics of your relocation and some potential timings to assess whether or not it is actually feasible, and how a job search will fit in with your plans.  For example, what happens if you secure a new job but can’t sell your house? Have you looked into schools in the new area? What if you secure a new position before your partner? It is likely that you will need different plans of action for different scenarios and thinking through the practicalities before taking any serious steps is crucial, not least so that you can confidently talk about this should firms delve into this at interview.

  1.       Consulting a recruiter with specialist knowledge of that market

The Legal recruitment market can vary hugely across different parts of the country and unless you have worked in an area before you are unlikely to have an in-depth understanding of what your new market is like and what firms could be a good fit – Google will only get you so far! Here at Sellick Partnership, each of our specialist Recruitment Consultants works exclusively on a certain geographic patch and are experts in that location. This means they can talk you through the different types of firms and what the market is like for your specific practice area and help you come up with a tailored plan to fit your requirements.

  1.       Visit the area beforehand

You may be relocating to an area that you used to live in or it might be somewhere completely new.  If you are not already familiar with the area, before you get too far into your job search it is key that you have looked into the specific areas that you are likely to live in and where is commutable. The best way to do this is to go visit and explore the area. You should test out routes to areas where there are job advertised and try and decide where would be a feasible place to work. What might seem an easy commute based on mileage can turn into something quite different when faced with the morning traffic so it is important to find this out before your move.

  1.       Salary expectations and cost of living

The cost of living varies throughout the UK and salary levels can differ quite widely depending on location. Your Consultant will be able to give you a steer on what is usual for the area and depending on where you are moving from/to you may have to get comfortable with a drop in salary. Prepare yourself for this and make sure you have done your research on the cost of living in your new area so you can work out what you will need to earn to ensure the move is financially viable.

  1.       Prepare for interview

If you are not already established and working in a certain market there will be an extra layer of preparation for interview that you will need to consider. Firms will want to discuss your reasons for moving as they will be looking for comfort that this is a long-term move. Also prepare for questions as to how you will establish yourself in your new market and what the potential challenges could be.

If you are considering relocating and would benefit from a chat with one of our specialised consultants please do get in touch. You can email me directly on catherine.wasilewski@sellickpartnership.co.uk or call our legal recruitment team by calling 0113 243 9775.