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Changing sectors for your career

by Amy Swain | 19 December 2018

I started my career at Sellick Partnership approximately five months ago and like everyone starting a new role it can be very daunting. Not only the fear of being the “new person” but also new systems, a new team and new candidates and clients to get to know. For me it has been something a lot bigger, as for the past 10 years I have worked in education.

I got my first job at a local high school, where strangely enough I had actually attended. I started in the Pupil Services department, primarily taking over all absence matters and I was the first aider for the school.

The nature of education means that everybody becomes very familiar with each other, from attending regular events, training, meetings and frequently visiting other schools. As a result, a local teacher offered me my first role in the recruitment industry after making many visits to my school, offering me the chance to run the recruitment for their PGCE programme. My responsibilities ranged from attending graduate fairs, organising interview days and managing the UCAS portal. I recruited for primary and all secondary subjects.

I found that the key skills needed to be successful were communication, organisation and product knowledge. Particularly product knowledge, as entry criteria and funding were different for all subjects. After four years at the school I moved to Manchester City Centre and secured a role closer to me at an education recruitment agency that provided schools with supply teachers. After 6 months there I felt that I needed to get out my comfort zone of education and enter a new industry for the first time in 10 years and was lucky enough to land a role at Sellick Partnership.

Joining Sellick Partnership has been a huge learning curve and the training and support that has been provided has been invaluable. I have had to start over understanding how the legal world works, what qualifications and experience are needed and what different legal professionals there actually are.

After you have this as a base for growing your knowledge, I have found that the fundamentals of recruitment are the same. If you are considering a career in recruitment I would advise the following:

  • Communication – communicate with your team, candidates and clients at all times to get a clear understanding in every respect.
  • Organisation the nature of recruitment is to try and get there before one of your competitors do, so do what works for you; use post-its, create spreadsheets and even set late night phone reminders when you have a sudden thought 9pm at night before nodding off!
  • Product Knowledge get to know as much as you can about a job, candidate, client, word, council, location etc.

Finally, don’t be afraid to take the plunge and get out your comfort zone, there are so many sectors to submerge yourself in, and one of them will be perfect for you.

Are you interested in starting your career in recruitment? Check out our internal vacancies at Sellick Partnership, or get in touch today to discuss what opportunities we may have available.