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Internal rewards and recognition at work: Sellick Partnership breaking the mould

by Kate Jasper | 25 January 2019

Some months ago I volunteered to get involved in a new committee at work. As a sales based business, previously the focus had largely been on rewarding sales figures and cash generation. This is standard across our industry, but the Board of Directors felt perhaps it was limited in terms of reach, and they decided to offer us the chance to change the status quo. As such, the Rewards & Recognition Committee was established to break the mould in terms of employee rewards at Sellick Partnership.

The Board set a budget for the annual spend and gave us the brief to make the reward scheme as inclusive as possible and achievable for all employees. It says a lot when such senior members of a company entrust their employees to make their own decisions about how they ought to be rewarded for their contribution at work.

The committee members represent a good cross section of the varying roles within the business, enabling representation from all areas. Having quickly established that a companywide shopping trip to NYC was out of the equation, we set about the task of trying to reward internal talent in the best way possible! As a committee, we took time to speak with employees at all levels and gather ideas from all business divisions including sales, support staff, central services and accounts. Every single employee is key to the success of the business as a wider entity and we really wanted this to be represented by the committee.

We quickly decided that it was important to us as a business that not only did all roles have the chance of recognition and reward for excellence internally, but that people had a choice in how they were rewarded. We wanted the new model to be flexible and decided on a suite of prizes to choose from. People seek reward in various forms; some want to have additional income to spend, some would rather have a treat from a retailer they would not usually use, some want to have more time away from work, such as buying extra holiday days or finishing earlier on a given day.

We deemed the existing sales based rewards as necessary but altered the criteria so that targets differed for each area of the business. We feel this is more of a true representation of the markets we specialise in and trends within those markets. We added a new element that took into consideration length of service by way of recognising consultant’s initial period of growth and development whilst still in training. This has succeeded in making rewards available to newer members of the sales staff. We also expanded the quarterly rewards scheme to ensure that up to 6 non sales members of the business are rewarded each quarter, based upon nominations from managers across the business.

Finally, we introduced the ‘Wheel of Success’ to celebrate all the little wins that people achieve throughout the year. If someone hits a milestone of goes above and beyond their role they get a spin of a wheel and their reward is determined by what the wheel lands on. This has proven to be a huge hit across all offices and the idea is to reward little every day successes of all employees. It is fun and gets everyone involved.

Feedback has been positive and with a few tweaks and ongoing assessment we are happy with the changes that have been made. The figures speak for themselves and more people than ever before are being rewarded by the business for their hard work and contribution, which is great. I genuinely think this enhances job satisfaction and makes for a happier work environment.

This whole exercise has been excellent, and has really shown me how thinking outside of the box can made a huge difference to employee motivation. If you are interested in learning more about how to get your benefits packages up to scratch, check out our employer resources section.