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Health and wellbeing in the workplace

by Laura Hayward | 13 May 2019

Are you currently looking at how you can improve health and wellbeing in your workplace? Here at Sellick Partnership we have been working hard on this over the past 12 months. Senior Manager Laura Hayward looks at what her team, and the business have been doing, and offers her advice on how you could use these practices in your business.

It is no secret that working in recruitment means long working days that can often involve stressful situations. It is therefore vitally important that we do all that we can to ensure our people are happy and healthy in work and that we support any employees that be feel overworked or stressed.

Over the past 12 months Sellick Partnership have made a number of subtle changes in the way our people work that are already making a big difference to our people and their health and wellbeing while working.

So what have we done to try and improve the health and wellbeing of our employees?

Offer working hours that allow a healthier work/life balance

One of the biggest change we have made to improve work/life balance at Sellick Partnership is altering our working hours, giving employees the opportunity to start earlier in the day and finish earlier. This has made an enormous difference, with most of my colleagues now opting to work this way. The main difference and feedback on this has been that it allows more time to make something of your evening, whether that is fitting in a gym session, going out for dinner, or getting home half an hour earlier.

Similarly, if you are not a morning person, you can start later and finish later to make the most of the time in the morning.

This is a great simple way of ensuring employees are able to arrange their working day the way they want. You might want to try adopting a set of core hours where employees must be in work, and allow staff to alter their working hours around these times.

Time away from the desk is essential for employee wellbeing

It is important to encourage everyone to take an hour for their lunch and this needs to be away from the desk! It is tempting when you bring your lunch in (as a lot of the team do) to sit at your desk, not stretch your legs and carry on working away right through to the afternoon. We are now in a really good habit of getting away from our desk over lunch. We have dedicated lunch hours where you can go out, get some life admin done, and not worry about it being frowned upon that you weren’t back 10 minutes after you left.

You might want to create an area where employees can go and sit during lunch, this way if people do not want to leave the office, there is still an area for them to take some time away from the desk.

Getting involved in the local community is a great way of improving employee happiness

There has been a really big push on ways in which we can get involved in the community, and how we can support local charities. One of the initiatives we have had in the past few months was a pedometer challenge in which each office had to log their combined steps each week over a 4 week period. The winning team got the opportunity to make a donation from Sellick Partnership to a charity of their choosing – needless to say it became quite competitive!

At Sellick Partnership we choose a number of key charities that we support each year, and give our employees time and resources to help as and when they would like to. It might be worthwhile thinking about what causes your employees would want to support, and give them the opportunity to do so.

The above are just three examples of slight changes that have been made at Sellick Partnership that have made a big difference. Starting earlier or later can make an enormous difference as it gives you an opportunity to get things done, and can ensure you have more time outside of work for yourself. We have also had the opportunity to support causes we care about which is a great way of making people feel better at work.

As a result, I would advise any business to look at what they are currently doing to support employees and promote employee wellbeing, and take steps to ensure staff are happy and motivated at work.

If you would still like help, check out this blog on promoting wellbeing and mental health in the workplace, or if you would like more information on ensuring your staff are happy at work, take a look at our employer resources section.

Alternatively, if you are currently unhappy in work, take a look at our latest jobs, or get in touch for a confidential chat