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Case study: my journey to becoming a Recruitment Consultant at Sellick Partnership

by Sam Sullivan | 17 June 2019

After finishing school and gaining a wealth of experience in a sales role in a different sector, Sam Sullivan realised that sales was the path for him and managed to secure a role within recruitment. He has since developed his skills, and over three years later still believes that recruitment is the perfect job for him.

Read more about Sam’s journey and why he picked recruitment in his interview below.

How did you get your first job in recruitment?

Sales has been part of my career since day one. I started in a customer services role at a car rental agency back in my home town in Ireland. Part of that role was to upsell specific car models, insurance and extras to customers. I did this for five years and realised quickly that sales was the route I wanted to take in my career.

When I moved to the UK in 2016 I got given my first opportunity in recruitment by a contact I had previously worked alongside. Three years later I am still working in the sector and loving it!  

How did you get your current role at Sellick Partnership?

I started to look for a new role via a recruitment agency that specialises in the recruitment space, and with my experience I was presented with quite a number of opportunities that suited my needs. As a result I had a couple of opportunities to consider as well as Sellick Partnership.

I ended up choosing Sellick Partnership because of the culture and the feeling I got when I met my manager Martin Parr and the rest of the team. Out of all of the places I interviewed, I felt like I would fit in best at Sellick Partnership, which really swayed my decision.

What is a typical day like as a recruitment consultant?

Recruitment is full on and no two days are completely the same, but there is a basic schedule of what needs to get done day-to-day. I tend to arrive in work a little early most days, so I am at my desk for around 8:00am, which gives me time to scan through my emails before getting on with my tasks for that day. Then I spend the majority of my mornings dealing with responses to adverts and speaking with/meeting candidates. Working within Finance & Accountancy is highly competitive, so it is important to have a good talent pool of readily available candidates. I try to ensure that I am speaking to as many people as possible. In the afternoon I spend the majority of my time speaking to and building relationships with clients.

That is a very basic synopsis of a regular day, however this can all change! Some days you may be required to go out and meet clients, when other days you may be asked to work an urgent job, so my to-do list can drastically change from, which is one of the things I love about the job.

What do you enjoy about your job?

There is no better feeling than finding a candidate their dream job. It is hard to explain how thrilling it is to work with a candidate, see them through the interview stage and ultimately help them secure a role they are going to enjoy and that will help them progress. As a Recruitment Consultant you can change people’s lives, which is a huge amount of responsibility to have, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

What are the challenges you face?

Keeping track of candidates is one of the most difficult aspects of the roles. The Finance & Accountancy recruitment market is so competitive, so most of the candidates we speak with will have a number of active opportunities at any one time, therefore keeping them engaged can be very difficult.

What are your career ambitions in recruitment?

Short-term I am aiming to be promoted to Senior Consultant at Sellick Partnership within the next six months. The training and support that is available should help me achieve this. From there, I hope to continue progressing in-line with the business’ career progression criteria. Eventually, I would like to become a Manager and have a small team of my own.

How do I get into recruitment?

As I have said previously, recruitment is hard work, so anyone considering it needs to be aware of that. But with any role that is challenging, the rewards are great. If you are motivated, want to earn a decent salary and work in a role where you will be constantly challenged, then recruitment could be the perfect fit.

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