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10 reasons why a recruitment consultant can be an asset to a new graduate

by Sellick Partnership | 24 July 2019

Students and newly qualified accountants often agree that securing a job after graduating/qualifying is a stressful and daunting experience and many have no idea where to begin. The UK jobs market is huge, and without proper advice, and a clear idea of what you are looking for finding the right role can be a long and extremely laborious process. Students, graduates and soon-to-be graduates can have the most difficult time as the market is generally flooded with talent. That is why I always recommend that students seek the advice of a recruitment consultant in the first instance, even if just to ask some questions around what to do and how to go about it.

Here are the top reasons why I think students could benefit from working with a recruitment consultant to find their first role out of university.

Recruitment consultants have a strong relationship with employers

Recruitment consultants work closely with their clients which enables us to understand what skills and expertise they require to complement their team. Clients will trust that any candidate we put forward will be fully vetted and suitable for their requirements.

Recruiters have access to roles that may not have been advertised on the traditional job boards

Not all graduate schemes/jobs are advertised on your standard job boards. Many clients will leave it to their chosen recruitment firm/firms to search and advertise graduate vacancies as part of the agency package. If a consultant can create a strong shortlist from graduates they already have registered they may not need to advertise the role, limiting the number of graduate vacancies on the market.  

Recruiters can offer unrivalled CV and cover letter advice

We know CV writing can be tough, certainly when you have limited work experience. Different clients like to see different things on CVs also, so it can be difficult to know what information to include. Recruitment consultants can advise you on your CV and ensure both your CV and cover letter are suitable for your chosen market.

If you are interested in receiving our free Sellick Partnership Graduate CV Template and CV writing guide then please head to our Candidate Resources page or email jemma.bailey@sellickpartnership.co.uk. This template is an excellent tool to utilise when compiling your CV.

An experienced recruiter can give you specialist advice in your chosen sector

Every recruitment consultant at Sellick Partnership is an expert in their market. Whether it be Finance & Accountancy, Legal, HR, Procurement, Change & Transformation, Actuarial or Housing & Property Services, we all have a wealth of knowledge that is beneficial to both clients and candidates. It is important for us to share this knowledge with graduates as their inexperience can mean they have little understanding of the market. Especially in modern times when markets are constantly changing, it is our responsibility to keep on top of it and share this with our candidates.

Recruitment consultants can mentor you throughout the process and give you Interview coaching and guidance

Many graduates will have experienced an interview situation, however graduate interviews are usually very different. There are many different ways employers like to do the interview processes and it’s usually down to personal presence. The most common type is face-to-face for graduates. As recruiters we aim to meet with all of the candidates we work with as part as the vetting procedure, so we can help you develop your interview presence before you meet with any employers.

If you want further advice on preparing for your next interview, check out our interview advice and preparation on our Candidate Resources page or get in touch with me to receive a free copy of our complete interview guide.

Recruiters can enhance your applications greatly  

Recruitment consultants have the power to enhance your CV by discussing your profile in detail with their client and answering any queries they may have. This can greatly enhance your chances of securing an interview, especially as the recruiter can elaborate on anything that may not have been included on the original document.

This is especially crucial for graduates who may not have a wealth of experience. Recruiter can discuss key projects or modules with you, and relay this information to the client. This approach often means that I can secure graduates an interview where they may not have if the client had just received their CV with little explanation.

A recruitment professional can find roles quickly

The graduate recruitment market is hugely competitive, so acting fast is essential. A recruitment consultant will be able to constantly monitor the market and bring opportunities to your attention quickly, often meaning that your application is submitted very early on in the hiring process. This can greatly enhance your chances of securing a role, and can often mean that no opportunities are missed due to time constraints.

Working with a recruiter can improve your references

Graduates will have limited references to choose from, so the last thing you want is multiple businesses contacting them. A recruitment consultant will deal with all of your reference requests, meaning your references can concentrate of supplying one glowing reference rather than having multiple requests.

Recruiters can negotiate on your behalf

Securing your first role can be daunting, especially when it comes to negotiating your salary and package. A recruitment consultant will be able to do this on your behalf. Personally, I always have an honest conversation with any candidate and we make a joint decision on salary and any benefits they require. I can then use this information to negotiate with the client on their behalf, meaning that I can get the best deal possible.

Using a recruitment agency is free

Recruiters will not charge you a penny, so there really is no reason not to use one. I am always more than happy to speak with, offer advice and assist graduates with their job search, and will always do my best to help, even if they do not secure a role through me.

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