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Benefits of recruiting using the new CCS RM6160 Framework

by Stephanie Tasker | 12 August 2019

Are you looking for a public sector recruitment partner you can trust? As an awarded supplier in the CCS RM6160 Framework agreement you can be rest assured that the service you receiving from us will be transparent and of the highest quality. Read on to find out why you should be recruiting through us using CCS and what makes us a recruiter of choice to the NHS and wider public sector.

Recently we were awarded a place on the RM6160 Framework agreement for the supply of Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff which has been launched as a collaborative effort by CCS and NHS Procurement in Partnership, working together as the Workforce Alliance. The CCS RM6160 Framework allows Sellick Partnership to supply temporary and fixed term staff across lot 2 Corporate services and finance, and lot 4 legal

We sat down with Principal Consultant and public sector recruitment specialist, Stephanie Tasker to find out what the benefits of this new agreement are and why she thinks Sellick Partnership have been such a successful recruitment partner for the NHS and wide public sector for over a decade. 

What is the benefit to the NHS and public sector organisations to recruit through Sellick Partnership using the CCS Framework?

First and foremost the CCS RM6160 agreement gives the NHS and wider public sector peace of mind that our rates will be transparent and competitive as a result of strict bench marketing and the competitive tendering process Sellick Partnership have had to go through to be awarded a place on the framework. Each supplier that is awarded a place is carefully evaluated during this process and terms and conditions are agreed well in advance ensuring transparency and EU compliance at every step.

This means that organisations that recruit through us using this new CCS framework will save money and time that would normally be spent researching and undertaking their own procurement exercise. Organisations can also be rest assured that each supplier that is awarded a place on the framework is vetted regularly, ensuring reliability and giving public sector organisations peach of mind.

Why should the NHS and wider public sector use CCS and not another Framework?

CCS is the biggest procurement organisation in the UK. The collective purchasing power of our customers, plus their procurement knowledge means that they can get the best commercial deals. CCS is also a widely respected Framework and offers organisations a truly streamlined approach, giving customers access to a range of suppliers. It is designed to cater for a wide range of customers, given the variety of specialisms and lots that the framework covers, giving the NHS and wider public sector a one stop shop for many of their procurement needs.

Sellick Partnership have now been supplying through CCS for over a decade, what does that say about us and the service we offer?

Working with CCS and supplying to the public sector through their frameworks for over a decade is a testament to the quality and thorough recruitment service that we offer to both clients and candidates. We have comprehensive processes in place that means we are able to ensure that all of our candidates are fully compliant and that we maintain an excellent level of customer service throughout the whole recruitment process. We also pride ourselves in the consistency and level of our service from all of our public sector Consultants, across all of our offices.

Why do you think Sellick Partnership have been able to continually work with the PS for so many years?

Our reputation is strong within the public sector market due to the service that we provide, and the relationships that we have built up over the years. The majority of our public sector Consultants have worked with Sellick Partnership for a considerable number of years and within that time, they have built strong working relationships with both clients and candidates.

We also provide the NHS and wide public sector a very professional, reliable service and ensure that we have an honest approach which has enabled us to have repeat business with a number of key clients UK wide. We actively attend sponsorship events, we host local pub quizzes and we have excellent relationships with regional HFMA leads. This, coupled with our excellent standing in the market has allowed us to work hand-in-hand with the public sector for well over a decade, and I look forward to strengthening exiting relationships and building new ones through the new CCS RM6160 Framework.

If you are an NHS or public sector hiring manager and need some help, feel free to get in touch with us for a confidential chat about your recruitment needs. We would be delighted to talk you through our recruitment process and discuss how we can help.

Alternatively, you can find out more about our awards, accreditations and the additional frameworks we recruit through here.