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Getting involved with #UKCharityWeek

by Kiran Purewal | 2 December 2019

This week is UK Charity Week which take place from Monday 2 December to Friday 6 December 2019. I know this time of year is always quite expensive, and over ‘Black Friday’ weekend there is a copious amount of spending across the nation in the lead up to Christmas. Here are some ideas of things that you can do to give something back, either as an individual or collectively in the work place. 

One positive result of doing something in the office is that you make more of an impact for the charitable cause without an individual breaking the bank.

Individual sponsorship:

Any fundraising efforts for charities will always be welcomed. I have found that people are more supportive of any efforts which really take the fundraiser outside of their comfort zone. If you’re usually quite lazy, do a run, if you like your home comforts do a sleep out (sleeping out on the streets for a night), if you’re scared of heights, do a zipline. Your friends and family will recognise that you’re making a huge effort to raise funds for a worthy cause and will be likely to give generously.

Office tuck shop:

You can go old school with this and stock chomps and quavers or you can put together a healthy snack box for your employees to ‘graze’ through the day. All profits of the tuck shop can be donated to the charity of your choice.

Reverse advent calendar:

Every day until Christmas, you put a non-perishable food item into a box. When you then have 24 items in the box, you can then donate this to a food bank and they can present this to a family to help them in January, often a really long and frugal month for those on low income.

Foreign currency amnesty:

Throughout the year, whenever anyone in the office goes on holiday abroad, they can put their odd dollars, euros, cents, dirhams, or whatever currency they were using into a money box. This can be handed over to a charity at the end of the year and they can take this to be converted into pounds.

Office Quiz:

A general knowledge quiz always goes down really well and it’s a fun and lively way to raise some quick funds for a charitable cause. I would advise doing an email quiz, and asking everyone taking part to give a small donation! Remember to offer some sort of prize! Chocolates usually go down well for us here at Sellick Partnership.  

Company lunch collection:

When you have a work event and lunch is provided by the company, ask attendees to donate whatever they would usually spend on lunch that day. You can then liven things up a little with a competitive quiz to determine where the funds should be donated. This has worked really well in the past at the Sellick Partnership End of Financial Year Awards Lunch  

Flower auction:

If you regularly order flowers for your office reception, you can auction these off to your employees before they are due to be replaced (provided they still have some life in them!). This is really popular here in our head office and all the proceeds go to charity. Employees are always really happy to enjoy a striking arrangement for a weekend.

These are just a small selection of ideas and we’re always keen to hear of any new and innovative fundraising ideas so please do get in touch if you have any to share. Likewise, if you decide to try any of these out, we’d love to hear some feedback on how you got on. And please remember, #UKCharityWeek starts on Monday, so get your thinking caps on and do something worthwhile! We will have a range of content going on, so please check back next week and find out what we have been doing for charity this year.

Alternatively you can find out more about us and the charities we support here.