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Utilising downtime during lockdown

by Sellick Partnership | 28 April 2020

The housing sector like many others has been affected by the current Coronavirus Pandemic. This has meant that professionals within the sector have found themselves either working less hours or out of work for the first time in years.

We are having regular conversations with tradespeople and housing staff who are understandably worried about the situation and looking for advice on what they can do to prepare themselves for when the sector returns to normal.

Here are our top tips on what you can be doing now to prepare yourself for when things return to some degree of normality.

Get your DBS application in

A DBS check can take 6-8 weeks to come through, so use this time wisely and get your application in if you need to. This will really improve your chances of securing work when the sector returns to normal.

Complete online training courses

We are advising many of our clients to work on their skills while spending more time at home. Sticking to a routine and keeping your brain active will be vital to staying motivated. Online training courses including Trades Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling and Working at Heights are all beneficial and will help set you apart from other candidates in the market.

Get yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is fast becoming a hub for housing professionals so use this time to get connected. Whether you work in skilled trades, supported housing or housing management, LinkedIn is a great place to network, share experiences and work on your personal brand during this time.

Sign up for job alerts and speak to recruiters

If you rely on contract work, or have found yourself without a job, use this time to sign up for relevant job alerts and speak to recruitment professionals in your market. Although there may not be as many open vacancies, some organisations are hiring, and recruiters will be able to let you know of anything with the clients they work with during this time. We are still finding that there is a need within some organisations, especially those who support vulnerable people. Our continuing conversations with clients also mean we’d be able to give you informed advice about what needs will arise in the coming weeks

Ensure you are compliant 

This is also a great time to ensure your compliance checks are all completed. Making sure you are fully compliant now will mean you can hit the ground running straight away when a role comes in, making you a more attractive candidate – especially if the organisations needs assistance urgently.

Get yourself interview ready 

If you have found yourself out of work, you should use this time to work on your CV and brush up on your interview skills. Recruiters can help here and will happily offer advice and hold mock video interviews to help get you ready.

Whatever you do during this time, it is important to stay positive. The sector will return to normal, and when it does there will likely be plenty of work to go around. So, if you are currently out of work, or find yourself at home with nothing to do, use this time wisely and set yourself up to be very busy when we get through the current pandemic.

Can we help?

If you still have questions, or need a hand, our team would be more than happy to help. Get in touch with our specialist Housing Consultants today