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Women in Leadership Pre-Christmas Networking Event 2015

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15 Dec 2015
Last week I attended a great networking event hosted by Sellick Partnership. The event was a pre-Christmas networking function at the Wow Bar & Beauty Bazar at Harvey Nichols in Liverpool.

This was a second in series of events this year for the ICAEW North West Women in Finance & Leadership Forum. The forum aims to provide opportunities for women in professional and leadership roles to share their talents and experiences and to expand their network of colleagues within the profession.

It included a welcome drink, cocktail making with the guidance from the Harvey Nichols expert mixologist, and an amazing, relaxing mini-beauty treatment.

In total there was 18 who attended the event and it was a good mix of some of our own clients and also professionals, from PwC and KPMG. We were split into three groups and each had our turn at the cocktail making and the beauty treatment which for me was an amazing hand and arm massage by one of the incredible Aveda Beauty consultants. It really was brilliant

During both of these activities, I was able to network with the group and found it a really successful way to chat to other like-minded professionals about the finance market.
I found the whole evening a great success and really worthwhile, as I made contacts with women that I would not normally get to meet, and also hear about their careers and how they have got to where they are today. It was also incredibly interesting to hear about their achievements in their current roles and their plans for the future.

Networking can sometimes be a bit daunting and people can sometimes feel they can be a waste of their time, especially as they are often out of work hours. If you have never attended a networking event before, it’s definitely a great way to start up conversations and to get to speak to people in your own network. It’s also a great way of building up your own profile.

My advice for a successful networking event would be to set yourself the following goals and if you can come away at the end and have accomplished all of these then it’s definitely been a worthwhile event;

  • Enjoy the event!
  • Meet at least three new people
  • Learn something new
  • Exchange ideas and contact cards
  • Discover a potential opportunity

I am pleased to say that I did achieve all of these goals during the evening and it definitely was a worthwhile occasion and am really looking forward to attending the next one! Click here to find out more about the Women in Finance and Leadership initiative.

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