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Are you struggling to perfect your Actuarial CV? Getting your CV right is vital if you want to secure the role of your dreams. Check out these tips to help you write the perfect CV. 

Curriculum vitae translates literally as ‘the story of your life’. It is a personal advertisement that will assist your next step up the career ladder to a better position, more money, and new challenges. It must represent the best you have to offer. Your CV can continue to work favourably even after it has obtained you an interview. It can help you at an interview by carefully focusing the interviewer’s mind on your good points and achievements. After the interview it will continue working for you, as the interviewer will probably reread it before making a decision. When it comes to salary negotiations a well-written CV can pay dividends do not take shortcuts! 

That being said, putting your CV together or updating your current one can often be a daunting task, particularly for senior actuarial professionals who may been out of the job market for a longer period of time. It is for this reason you should think carefully about putting together the relevant information for a winning CV.

Get the basics right

When starting off your CV, it is easy to jump ahead and rush to the other sections, however, it is imperative to put a good plan together to structure the document appropriately. Contact details are obviously a good place to start, with a mobile number, an evening number and email address. Try to also include the link to your LinkedIn profile to ensure whoever is interviewing can easily find it. This is a great way of giving them more information without clogging up your CV and making it longer than it needs to be. Other sections you should incorporate include; education, employment history, professional qualifications, specialist skills and software skills to name just a few.

Be authentic

It is important to sell yourself and your skillset on your CV, but be sure not to exaggerate or twist the truth about your experience. Highlight your achievements and what makes you stand out in a competitive job market, but ensure you can always articulately back up your claims on paper with your expertise if you get to the interview stage.

Personal statement

Include a short section at the top of your CV with a personal statement, detailing your key motivators, why you are looking to leave your current position and why you are interested in the role you are applying for alongside your relevant skills. Ensure this is concise and engaging to capture the attention of the hiring manager.

Numbers speak a thousand words

Whilst it may take a bit of calculating, it is always worthwhile to incorporate numbers and statistics to sell your achievements. Telling a prospective employer that the models you built increased profitability by 28 percent has a much greater impact than just saying you helped increase profit. Solid statistics such as this can really impress potential hiring managers.

Tailor it every time

Ensure you tailor your CV for every application to reflect the required skills, experience and culture of the organisation. Try to avoid slipping into the habit of just sending out a standard CV for every role. By tailoring your CV to a specific role, you instantly show you have gone out of your way to research the company and the role, making you stand out from the crowd even further.

Proof read it

Your CV exists to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism to potential employers and simple mistakes or a lack of attention to detail is not the best first impression – and could even cost you from progressing further in the hiring process. Ensure you proof read it yourself, checking for minor spelling or grammatical errors. Then get someone else to do it too; casting a fresh eye on the document could pinpoint further errors that can be corrected before you send it off.

Following these simple steps can really add value to the content of you CV and allow you to gain a winning edge with hiring managers. By continuously updating and refining your CV, you’re ensuring that you make a stellar first impression to recruiters and hiring managers, positioning yourself as the strongest candidate for the role.

For more advice on writing the perfect CV, check out our CV Guide and downloadable CV template here.

Or for more advice on securing your next Actuarial job contact us directly by emailing our actuarial team on austin.brislen@sellickpartnership.co.uk