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MPCL 2022 - Rules

Rules of the Cricket League


  • We are still working really closely with all pitches with regards to COVID-19. Should anything change with regards to your fixtures, we will be in touch ASAP.
  • Most pitches will be operating their changing rooms, however we are checking this with all pitches and should this change we will be in touch ASAP to let you know. 

General requirements and spirit of the game

  • Each team commits to play all league matches.
  • All games are to start promptly at 6pm.
  • Flip a coin to decide who bats first or claim the toss. Agree it yourselves in a gentlemanly fashion.
  • Cricket balls – bring your own to exchange at games and Sellick Partnership will provide new balls at Finals Day.
  • Sledging is permitted but must be of an appropriate nature.
  • Scorebooks or scoresheets need to be provided by yourself.


  • Maximum of three overs per bowler >8 ball overs >15 overs.
  • A player is allowed to score 30 runs and then retire, with no return to crease.
  • First and second place teams go through into Cup competition > Knockout.
  • Third and fourth place teams go through into Plate competition > Knockout.
  • Five weeks of fixtures, three rescheduled weeks, followed by semi-finals and finals day at Timperley Sports Ground – Cup and Plate competitions. 
  • Semi-Finals and Finals – 20 x 6 overs and LBW due to neutral umpires. All other fixtures to be played the same as last year and No leg before wicket (LBW).
  • Any ball bowled down the leg side is deemed a wide and two runs to the total with no extra ball.
  • In the last over on Finals Day, teams revert back to standard cricket rules due to having neutral umpires.
  • Batting teams will face bowling with their own provided ball. The bowling team will bowl with the batting teams ball (teams provide more than one ball during games due to loss of balls).
  • Wide runs go to extras.


  • Each team is to umpire their own team, with more experienced umping only.
  • More knowledgeable players of cricket are to volunteer for this duty.
  • Two umpires – at wicket and a square leg – with benefit of the doubt to go to the batsman.
  • Neutral umpires will be appointed for the Finals Day.

Cancellations and rescheduling

  • If games are cancelled due to bad weather, the points will be split equally between both teams.
  • If games are cancelled by one of the teams, the opposing team will get full points for the cancelled match.
  • In the unlikely event there is an option to re-schedule a fixture, Sellick Partnership will advise.


  • Each team must have a scorebook and the captains must jointly sign-off the results.
  • Scorebooks must be provided by yourselves, Sellick Partnership will not be providing these for 2022.
  • A team will receive two points for a win and one point for a draw.
  • A batter receives two runs for a wide ball unless it is the last over where he gets one run and an extra ball.


  • Anything above the waist height is a no ball, which includes spinners.
  • The subject of riggers is a serious concern, however we will be keeping it open. Priority goes to your firm!

Determining points

  • In the event of level points when all league games have been played, the following will apply:
  • If first and second place teams are level, the head to head result determines winner.
  •  If first, second and third place teams are level, then we will roll dice to decide!
  •  All captains and vice-captains to be designated before the start of the season. They are expected to adhere to these rules, and to ensure that the games are conducted in the right manner.

**All personal belongings should remain in a secure and locked vehicle. Sellick Partnership will not take any responsibility for items left unattended during the cricket fixtures.