Moving from private practice to public sector: Q&A with a legal candidate

3 mins

Moving into a new legal sector can be a great way to keep your career fresh, challenge yourself and renew your interest in work. We have helped countless legal professionals transition from private practice to public sector jobs with excellent feedback about increased job satisfaction.

I recently caught up with a candidate I placed into local government to hear about her experience of moving from private practice into the public sector. My candidate is a Property Lawyer who left a permanent role in a law firm a few months ago to take on a locum role in a local authority.

What made you decide to consider working in the public sector?

I was tired of the monotony of my work in private practice, I was just doing the same type work over and over with no challenge or variety. I wanted to challenge myself more so I started looking online for public sector roles and came across the Sellick Partnership website and saw that this is something you specialise in, so I applied for a job and you contacted me that same morning.

How have you found your transition from a law firm to a local authority?

I have absolutely enjoyed it. I have learnt a lot and I am dealing with a huge variety of cases. I am very happy that I made the move.

What are the key differences between working in private practice and local authority?

There isn’t the pressure of billing targets and I like that you have a consistent client base, because you are working for the council. My personal experience is that the work is quite different. The matters I’m dealing with now are different to what I was doing before so it is interesting.

What are you enjoying about working in the public sector?

I like the new type of workload, the variety is great. I am provided with legal resources, material and subscriptions. If I don’t know anything I can use various resources to look it up or ask anyone in the team for support. The team work closely together and everyone is really friendly and helpful.

What transferable skills do you think you need to make the move from the private to the public sector?
The law is the same of course, so that base of legal knowledge is all you need really as you can just build on that.

Would you recommend this as a career path to others?

Yes, definitely! I am really enjoying it.

How do you feel about working in a locum role compared to your previous permanent role?

I would say I prefer the locum role, it is flexible and I get paid better!

How did Sellick Partnership support your move to a public sector role? And would you recommend us?

You kept me informed throughout the process and gave me great interview tips. You were very clear and helpful at every stage. This was the first public sector application I made and I got the job! You were very swift at responding and gave me all the information I needed to be successful. I would definitely recommend you and Sellick Partnership!

This is a conversation with just one of many candidates who we have helped move into the local government locum market, across all areas of law. Given our experience as market leaders, we are best placed to help you make the transition and can support you every step of the way, from working on your CV to helping you prepare for interviews and navigating through offers.

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