Survey results: what are public sector legal candidates looking for in a job?

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Public sector legal recruitment has changed considerably in the last few years, as evolving market conditions and professional norms have led to a major shift in what candidates are looking for in a role. As such, employers in the public sector are keen to gain insights into what is most important to candidates, in order to better tailor their employment offering.

To explore these trends, Sellick Partnership has carried out a survey of 172 solicitors, lawyers and legal executives working in the public sector, in order to find out exactly what today’s legal professionals are looking for when weighing up their career options.

Here are some of our key findings:
  • Nearly half of those polled - 45% - feel unable to progress their career in their current position.

  • 47% said they would be unlikely or very unlikely to move jobs for a role at the same level.

  • Only 5% would want to look for a role that involves working in the office five days a week, with 20% seeking to work remotely full time.

  • When asked about perks and benefits that would appeal when looking for a new role, 76% chose enhanced flexi-time that would allow them to control their own working hours, making this the single most popular option.

  • When asked about factors that put them off applying for a role, 76% cited salary banding not being included in the job ad.
What motivates public sector legal candidates?

The findings from our survey demonstrate a number of key insights, highlighting the factors that are motivating today’s public sector legal professionals to change careers. It also serves as an indicator of what employers need to focus on when creating a compelling offer for top talent.

Here are some of the results:

  • Flexible and remote working are top priorities for candidates.

  • Better career progression options can persuade staff to change roles.

  • Employers need to offer more perks and benefits beyond salary…

  • …but candidates still want clarity and transparency on what they will be paid

  • Effective targeting of job adverts is essential.

  • A good working environment can make the difference.
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