The top Twitter and social accounts all ICT & Digital Technology professionals should follow

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There are few industries where it is more important to stay on top of current trends than the IT and digital sectors. If you are looking for a new ICT or Digital Technology job, staying up-to-date on the latest developments in your industry will often be seen as an essential requirement by any prospective employer.

In this regard, making sure you are following the right news sources and influencers on Twitter and other social platforms can make a significant difference. The business IT community frequently makes use of social channels to share their news, analysis, industry insights and best practice commentary, and by tapping into these conversations, you will be able to gain vital awareness of the most important issues shaping the industry now and in the near future.

As an expert in ICT & Digital Technology recruitment, Sellick Partnership’s Adam Burgess has compiled a list of the essential Twitter accounts, social channels and podcasts that we believe every professional in this field should be following. If you believe there are any accounts we have missed, get in touch and let us know!

  1. @ITPro - IT Pro is one of the UK’s top enterprise IT websites, posting regular news updates, insights and analysis from some of the industry’s top experts. They can be a great outlet for professionals who want to stay in the know.

  2. @ComputerWeekly - ComputerWeekly is another leading digital publication dedicated to sharing the latest headlines, thought leadership content and best practice from the IT profession. This is an invaluable source for updates from across the UK and around the world.

  3. @Computerworld - Computerworld UK from IDG offers the latest technology features, analysis and expert advice for IT professionals, including insightful roundtable discussions featuring top industry figures.

  4. @Computing_News - Computing is aimed specifically at UK technology decision-makers, combining market news and opinions on the latest key developments. Following a variety of news sources will ensure you are always kept informed.

  5. @sdtimes - SD Times provides news and analysis for software developers and development managers, giving you access to expert insights on the latest tools and methodologies being used by the sector.

  6. @cloud_comp_news - CloudTech is a digital publication focused on cloud computing news and trends, including headline developments and revealing research. By following, you can learn more about how best to take advantage of the power of the cloud.

  7. @thecybersechub - The Cyber Security Hub is one of the best sources of news on all things pertaining to information security. Follow them for updates on recent hacks, potential security threats and the newest protection methods.

  8. @TheHackersNews - The Hacker News is another trusted portal for news on hacking, cyber attacks, computer security and the measures businesses can take to stay safe. Follow them for insight into the latest trends and how they are shaping the world of IT.

  9. @UK_CIF - The UK’s Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is an organisation dedicated to promoting transparency and security in cloud computing. They regularly share exclusive industry research, insights and opportunities for those in the sector to connect and share their knowledge.

  10. @GoogleCloud_UKI - As one of the world’s leading tech firms, it always pays to know what Google is up to. Following the official Google Cloud Twitter account will help you stay abreast of their latest updates and developments, as well as insights into how best to utilise Google’s cloud tools.

  11. @satyanadella - There are few more important figures in modern tech than Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. His Twitter profile is a treasure trove of industry insight, important updates and vital conversations that are worth listening to.

  12. @NCSC - The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre is a government organisation providing advice and support on how to avoid computer security threats. Follow them to get the latest official guidance straight from the source.

  13. @cyber - For a more global perspective, follow the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s official news account. You can hear the latest news, updates and insights from one of the world’s biggest and most powerful national cybersecurity agencies.

  14. @kaspersky - As one of the top vendors of cybersecurity solutions for businesses and consumers, Kaspersky’s insights on this topic are invaluable. Follow them for regular analysis, alerts and warnings from one of the industry’s most trusted names.

  15. @briankrebs - Brian Krebs is an influential investigative journalist examining matters relating to digital security, privacy and cybercrime. Follow him for breaking news and incisive journalism exposing hacks and security flaws that may affect businesses at large.

  16. @SellickGroup - Finally, no list is complete without including our own Twitter profile. By following Sellick Partnership, you will be able to hear about the latest ICT & Digital Technology news, events and job listings.

In addition to these Twitter accounts, IT professionals can also learn much by connecting with these profiles on LinkedIn:

  1. Cathy Hackl - One of the world’s experts in the metaverse, follow her for insights and opinions on the evolution and future direction of metaverse technology and market trends.

  2. Michael Krigsman - Michael Krigsman is a leading industry analyst and publisher of the media outlet CXOTalk. He has extensive experience of providing strategic advice to enterprise technology companies, and is well worth listening to when it comes to current industry developments.

  3. Lisa Seacat DeLuca - Known as one of the most prolific female tech innovators and inventors, Lisa Seacat DeLuca is a former IBM distinguished engineer and director of product management, and discusses topics such as cloud, mobile, IoT, social, security, cognitive and commerce tech with her online audience.

  4. Susan Etlinger - Susan Etlinger is a globally recognised expert in digital strategy, serving as a director for AI and innovation at Microsoft. As such, she is seen as a trusted source on topics such as artificial intelligence, technology ethics, data and the future of work.

  5. Tim O’Reilly - One of the sector’s most respected thought leaders, Tim O’Reilly is the founder of O'Reilly Media and is known for popularising the terms open source and Web 2.0. There are few more authoritative sources when it comes to the latest developments from Silicon Valley.

  6. Bill Gates - A name that needs no introduction, the co-founder of Microsoft may be more focused on philanthropic and social ventures these days, but remains a commanding voice when it comes to the future of ICT and its impact on the way we live.

Finally, we have compiled a list of some of the most insightful and informative podcasts discussing ICT and digital technology trends:

  1. Technovation - Hosted by Metis Strategy president Peter High, this informative twice-weekly podcast series featuring conversations with top IT executives and thought leaders, discussing technology trends that are transforming the world of business.

  2. This Week in Tech - An all-tech podcast network that features a huge range of different shows, presenting expert analysis, breaking news, tech reviews, how-tos and discussion of regulatory developments.

  3. Hanselminutes - This long-running tech podcast from Microsoft-affiliated developer and speaker Scott Hanselman speaks to a diverse range of figures from across the tech industry, discussing technology, culture, the web and the future of the open web.

  4. Recode Decode - Hosted by acclaimed US journalist Kara Swisher, Recode Decode features interviews about technology trends with tech executives, politicians, celebrities and more, with past guests including Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Hillary Clinton.

  5. Packet Pushers - For the more technically minded listeners, the Packet Pushers podcast network features in-depth but entertaining discussions on networking and infrastructure engineering by IT architects, offering a great way to update your knowledge.

  6. Making Tech Better - From Made Tech’s lead engineer Clare Sudbery and senior engineer Kyle Chapman, Making Tech Better hosts conversations with global experts on how to improve software delivery, enhance efficiency and create better working environments for all.

  7. WB-40 - The WB-40 podcast is hosted by UK industry experts Matt Ballantine and Chris Weston, and features regular discussions of how technology is changing the world of work.

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