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Life at Sellick Partnership

We recognise that there is more to your life than just work and acknowledge that having a healthy work/life balance is really important.

At Sellick Partnership, we have a number of schemes in place to allow you this flexibility so you can make time to socialise, unwind with family and friends, as well as pursue your interests and hobbies. 

  • Flexible working

We know that we have an extensive team of committed and driven individuals who are all working together to achieve the company’s overall ambitions. However, we also realise that our employees have a need to make their work and home commitments work together and we are determined to satisfy that need. 

Depending on your home commitments, we allow you to take a more tailored approach to your working life, allowing you to adapt your hours to your needs at home – giving you greater control over your work/life balance, whilst creating a sense of mutual trust with the company.

  • Holiday allowances

We understand the importance of having the opportunity to recharge your batteries whether that’s going on holiday with family or friends, or even spending some time at home relaxing. With this in mind we offer all employees an annual holiday entitlement of 25 days per year – which is in addition to the (statutory) bank holidays.

  • Extra annual leave in line with length of employment

Employees that have been with the business for three or more years are rewarded for their long-service with additional holidays. You will receive:

  1. One extra day of annual leave after three years of employment.
  2. Two extra days of annual leave after five years of employment.
  • Buying holidays and selling holidays

Additionally, we know that sometimes there may be those special occasions that you need some additional days off, so we offer the opportunity to purchase up to five additional holiday days per year for a special occasion or extended trip.

Employees also have the option to sell up to a maximum of three days back to the business. This will be paid at the same rate as it would cost to buy extra holidays. This must be requested by the 30 September each year and approved by your line manager.

  • Sabbaticals

We’re committed to nurturing our employees and believe if you need an extended period of time away to travel, develop new skills or undertake community work you should have the opportunity to do so. Therefore we offer you the flexibility to continue to develop by taking a sabbatical. This option is available to employees with more than four years' service. 

  • Smart/casual dress

At Sellick Partnership, we consider the way employees dress and their appearance to be of significant importance in portraying a professional image to all our stakeholders. 

However, we recognise that corporate dress is not always essential at all times for some teams in the business. Therefore, we allow our employees the option to dress in a smart casual manner during the working week. This has been agreed on a team by team basis within all offices, putting individual teams in control of the decision around what you wear to work.

Smart casual means that you must be smart and neat in your overall appearance. Jeans, trainers, shirts, blazers, skirts, dresses, sandals, trousers, long shorts are all acceptable within reason. For example, ripped jeans and flip flops would not be appropriate but smart jeans and sandals would be perfectly acceptable.

Where required, employees must dress in professional and corporate business attire and will be expected to do so.

Every Friday we offer all employees the option to dress more casually. 

  • Reduced hours for bank holidays and special occasions

In order to give everybody a little extra time when they need it most, we usually offer reduced working hours for bank holidays and other special occasions. For example, we usually finish at 4:00pm on the Friday before a bank holiday and start a little later the day after the Christmas Party. We also operate reduced working hours between Christmas and New Year. 

  • Birthday lie-ins, early finishes and extended lunch breaks

It’s nice to be spoilt on your birthday, that’s why we think you should enjoy a little extra time to celebrate. You can start at 10:00am, take a two hour lunch break or finish at 4:30pm depending on your plans for the day. 

The social side of Sellick Partnership

We all like to relax and unwind, and take the opportunity to socialise with each other away from the office. At Sellick Partnership we enjoy a variety of social events throughout the year, including three big companywide events where we bring the whole business together.

  • Drinks on the Boss

On the first Friday of every month we invite everyone out for “First Friday drinks” to help you unwind and get you ready for a relaxing weekend. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up with your peers away from the office. The best bit is that the first round is on the Directors!

  • Team socials

We also hold a number of team socials throughout the year. These range from bake sales to other celebratory events and teambuilding activities.

  • End of Financial Year Awards

To celebrate the end of our financial year, we hold an awards lunch to recognise the achievement of individuals and teams across the business over the past 12 months, as well as take the opportunity to review the previous financial year, launch new employee initiatives and announce the growth and strategy for the future.

  • Teambuilding

Fancy a challenge, and to push yourself out of your comfort zone? One of the most exciting events at Sellick Partnership is our annual Teambuilding weekend - the whole business takes part, meeting in a secret location and faced with a variety of activities. Past activities have included: 

  1. Mountain climbing
  2. It's A Knockout
  3. Cooking
  4. Sailing
  5. Creating a rock band
  6. Filming adverts/films
  7. Dragons Den
  8. Sporting events

For our 15th anniversary in business, we also took the whole business to Majorca for two days which was absolutely incredible.

Only a handful of people know the exact location and itinerary of our Teambuilding activities each year to keep it a complete surprise for everyone.

  • Christmas Party

Our Christmas party is without a doubt the social highlight of the year. Held at some of Manchester’s most modern venues, it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone across the offices to let their hair down and celebrate the success of the year with entertainment, DJs, excellent food and good company.

To find out more about what we offer our employees and how a career with Sellick Partnership might benefit you, please contact our Internal Talent Manager Simon Briffa

You can also find out more about what it is like to work for us or view our current internal vacancies