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How to boost your teams’ morale

by Sellick Partnership | 12 August 2015

It's that time of the year when people have just returned from their summer holidays and the 'refreshed' feeling can soon turn into holiday blues, resulting in a lack of motivation. So this got me thinking about how I motivate myself and how Sellick Partnership help me to do this. After working for other businesses, what makes working at Sellick Partnership enjoyable, rather than a chore, is the small things instead of the grand gestures. These include; 

1. Recognising special events in the lives of employees - giving us a lie in on our birthdays, receiving birthday presents from the team, celebrating engagements, marriages etc. By taking the time to recognise these crucial life events makes us feel special and shows us that we're not just 'employees'.

2. Keeping conversation going -  by encouraging us to share ideas and not just to conform to the 'norm' by holding frequent meetings like the 'staff forum' we're able to voice what we like or want to improve about the business. 

3. Recognise and reward your employees for doing good work - people want to be valued therefore telling us we're doing a good job verbally or as we do, giving someone a Sellick Star goes a long way. 

4. Make the workplace comfortable - we've just created a 'chill out room' in the office which allows us to get away from our desks and take a break from the ringing phones. This is another idea from the 'Staff Forum', encouraging us to take breaks/lunches away from our desk! 

5. Smile more - and have a laugh which we definitely do! Plus create a happy working environment, putting positive people in the middle of desks to boost moral 

6. Build a culture of trust - allow people to make their own decisions instead of micro-managing, keeping agreements with colleagues and managing expectations and communicating 
effectively; sharing information with colleagues and giving honest feedback to each other in jobs meetings allow us to really create a foundation built on trust and understanding.

7. Have fun! - we hold a 'Team Building' event every year and it is usually very eventful with lots of fun, lots of laughs and a fair bit of alcohol. 

I honestly believe a mix of these things help to keep employees motivated and make work somewhere they want to be rather than where they have to be.

If you would like to see what else Sellick Partnership has to offer its people, why not check out or 'Work For Us' site for more information...