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How to maximise staff retention

by Sellick Partnership | 6 June 2016

Over the past few months, the public sector has seen significant change, all of which have affected the way staff are not only recruited, but also retained in their roles. This has led to an increasing focus on staff retention and methods that could be adopted to keep employees happy in their roles. There are a number of variables found to be associated with staff turnover, including job satisfaction, work pressure, flexible work options, appropriate training, team environment and quality of line management. Retaining valuable members of staff that you’ve employed, invested in and developed is key.

I’ve put together a list of areas to consider when planning your retention strategy;

  1. Take the time to hire suitable staff in the beginnings, placing emphasis on those whose values align with the culture of the organisation.
  2. Know your team and their skills – this is key to developing and improving their experience. 
  3. Engage your staff – get them involved in ongoing service and organisational development and utilise their skillsets and get the most out of your team.
  4. Set out well-defined career paths – including promotions, training and development opportunities.  
  5. Effective appraisals - in the context of performance reviews, talk about their aspirations and goals and provide regular feedback on employee’s performance.
  6. Encourage employees to attend sector-relevant networking events/functions.
  7. Invest in the health and wellbeing of your staff (cycle to work schemes/gym memberships) – this can reduce sickness absence, improve morale etc.
  8. Review your employee benefits – what you can offer your staff beyond financial rewards (private healthcare/memberships).
  9. Flexible working around core hours/working from home - this can often enhance staff morale and productivity. 
  10. Build skills through cross-working - employees will value opportunities to gain exposure to roles and projects not necessarily in their job descriptions or current competency areas.
  11. Don’t neglect your star performers – acknowledge their performance and make them feel noticed.
  12. Utilise mentors/coaching – to encourage individual growth/development/strengths.
  13. Keep in touch with those who leave – they may return in the future with an enhanced skillset/experience and prove even more valuable.
  14. Keep things lighthearted – people often leave their bosses not the company – remember you are all in this together – make your employees feel supported, rewarded and appreciated.

For further specialist insight into how to develop your retention strategy, contact me on 0161 834 1642 or email kathryn.beal@sellickpartnership.co.uk. Alternatively, browse through our Insights hub for the latest industry trends and developments.