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How to avoid recruitment nightmares this Halloween

by Sellick Partnership | 31 October 2019

A bad hire can be horrifyingly costly, so hiring the right candidate is essential for any business. Hiring the wrong person will cost you valuable time and money, two things very few businesses can afford to lose. However the negative impacts do not stop there. Bringing the wrong candidate on board could impact employee morale, productivity and could take away time from your management team, potentially impacting your client or customer service.

Here we outline our top tips to ensure you do not hire the wrong candidates:

Create a comprehensive job description: the devil is in the detail when it comes to outlining a job specification. You need to have considered all eventualities. Remember to include as much detail as possible, this will help you attract candidates most relevant to the role you are advertising.

Ask technical questions: you should ask candidates some difficult technical questions in the interview. Remember, the interview is not a torture chamber but you should try to challenge the interviewees so you can properly ascertain their skill level and analyse how they respond under pressure.

Train your interviewers: to give your company the best chance of finding the best candidates you must ensure your interviewers are fully trained and have a clear idea of the sort of candidate they are looking for. Interviews are not about trying to find the first candidate that fits your specification. Interviewers need to be patient, consider all the candidates, and ascertain the best qualities from every interviewee in what is a stressful situation. You may also consider a staged interview process to meet candidates on a variety of occasions. This can often help relieve the candidate of nerves that a first time meeting can throw up. You do not want to miss out on the best person for the job because they are not good at interviews.

Thoroughly research your candidates: recruitment is not a witch hunt, but you should always do some research on your candidates before or after you have interviewed them to look for any information they may not have included in their CV or application. Check their LinkedIn profile to see if their career history matches their CV, explore social networking sites to make sure they are not posting anything controversial that could harm your company’s reputation, and check their references – calling the referee to verify their words.

Check candidate references: doing your own research is all well and good, but remember to check references to ensure you are hiring the right candidate. Hiring a ‘toxic’ employee can leave trails of negativity. Make sure you ask for at least three. This should be enough to get a good understanding of the candidate and their employment history as employees usually leave their fingerprints – good and bad – all over their former employers.

Protect yourself: protect yourself from any gruesome hiring mistakes by putting a probationary period in place. In essence, a probationary period gives you the option of terminating a contract in the event that a new employee does not perform as expected. While these clauses are not loved by new employees, they have become so commonplace that they have become universally accepted. This is also beneficial for the candidate as it gives them some breathing space to decide if you are the right organisation culturally for them.

For more handy tips on ensuring your recruitment process is a success check out our employer resources section.

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