International Women’s Day: Sellick Partnership celebrates all-female team

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Sellick  Partnership

By Sellick Partnership

To mark International Women’s Day we are celebrating our all-female Public Sector Finance and Professional Services team. Not only because of their unwavering commitment and work ethic, but because of their natural team spirit and all-encompassing energy.

Recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Women by Great Place to Work® UK, we are proud to have a strong female workforce and an inclusive culture that promotes success, giving everyone the same opportunities, no matter who they are.

The team, which is managed by Associate Director, Abigail Day, and supported by Senior Business Manager, Hayley Cox, and Resourcing Consultant, Olivia Lawrenson.

This successful team pride themselves on holding their place within their dynamic and diverse industry and with over 45 years’ experience between them, they have played a crucial role in the management and success of the company overall.

We caught up with them:

Abigail Day

"Our Public Sector North West and Yorkshire team happens to be an all-female team…at the moment, as a team we really embrace this and love using our platform to promote Women in Business.

“I am personally fortunate enough to have had a very successful and rewarding career at Sellick Partnership, whilst at the same time being fully supported – and lucky enough - to have enjoyed three maternity leaves.

“For me a big part of the success of Sellick Partnership is that Jo Sellick and the Board have always fully invested in ‘good’ people and recognise the benefits to the business of supporting talented individual’s long term.

“From the very beginning I have always had exceptional female role models both in and outside of this business. It’s really important that we give recognition to this and continue to promote and celebrate women in business.

“As a team we all really thrive on keeping up to date on how our ED&I training so that we can then fully support our clients to not only attract but also retain the best talent. This is definitely a part of the job that our team is very passionate about and in turn our clients really benefit from this.”

Hayley Cox

“As a part-time working mum of two who champions women in business, I have a genuine belief in working mums being able to work as hard and smart as any full-time employee.

“Our Team in Liverpool is the epitome of women supporting women; all ages, all different stages of life/career and all backing each other to smash work and personal goals. We know and understand each other’s strengths and use that for all aspects of growth.

“I’ve never quite worked in a team that has formed and grown so naturally and so quicky with the unwavering backing of Jo Sellick and the wider business. I am a true women’s woman; I love coming to work with these fabulous females, I back them without question every day.

“I genuinely love being a part of this very current and evolving narrative and am fully committed to driving it forward.”

Olivia Lawrenson

“Working at Sellick Partnership has been my first experience of ever working in a female-only team and I love it! We support each other, listen to each other, and cheer each other on. I think each woman on this team brings something special to the table that allows our team to grow and thrive in such an amazing way!

“We focus on developing each other's strengths and use them to our advantage as much as possible. I love working with these ladies, and I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing company and team!”

Happy International Women’s Day to all our candidates and clients!