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Why I chose an apprenticeship...

by Sellick Partnership | 23 December 2014

At the age of 18 a lot is going on in a person's life and one of the most biggest debates is whether to go to university or not. For me I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but through the pressure of college as well as peers I ended up applying for university anyway.

I applied to do a degree in Geography at five universities across the country and I was offered at all five and surely that would make anyone happy, right? For me I just couldn't get excited about going, I wasn't even sure of the universities I chose never mind the course. I chose Geography simply because I found it interesting and I was good at it, but I knew I didn't want a career in that field. 

Then when June exams came around it dawned on me, why am I going to university to do a course in something that I will probably never use in my career and live in a place I don't really want to live for three years?

So I made the decision to reject all my offers. 

It was a tense time, I was a few exams away from finishing my A-Levels and I had no future plan but at the same time I was excited.

So why did I chose an apprenticeship? The answer was easy really; I wanted the opportunity to learn but gain practical work experience. In 2013 alone there were 12 million graduates all of whom were applying for the same roles - that's a lot of applicants per job! - and with not much difference between graduates how does an employer chose to who appoint?  

In a recent survey by the BBC, employers in England rated apprentices 15% more employable than those with other qualifications. The difference between an individual with a degree and an individual who has completed an apprenticeship is that graduates often have little relevant work experience within the career path that they want to pursue, whilst apprentices have the qualification to prove that they are capable, but also the experience to back it up. 

It seemed like the right path to choose for someone who wasn't too sure what they wanted to do and a chance to explore some perspective industries and open up other opportunities that university may not have given me. 

I applied to several positions, and was able to discount certain career paths simply by interviewing. Then I interviewed at Sellick Partnership and I was really excited at the range of work within the role, the potential career progression, and also to be part of a £34 billion industry in the UK. 

The role has been challenging and interesting and it has shown me a competitive and rewarding sector which I didn't know much about. My apprenticeship at Sellick Partnership has made me want to pursue a career in recruitment so for anyone who isn't sure on university or what career path they want to go down I would definitely recommend choosing an apprenticeship. 

Follow my blog over the coming months and find out how I'm progressing at Sellick Partnership and to find out more about apprenticeships visit the website